Hi, I am Dominic

I am a professional musician & ukulele tutor. I love music, and learning new instruments.

As soon as I learnt to play the ukulele, I couldn’t put it down. It is such a delightful instrument.

Learning to play ukulele, led me on an unexpected and exciting journey…

I learnt to play guitar as a child ( me age 8 pictured above) Since learning the ukulele have had the pleasure of performing at many functions across Europe, where I would never had had the opportunity to work and visit had it not been for this instrument. I regularly perform in Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland to name a few as well as back in the UK.

I have performed on BBC Radio 2 on Jeremy Vine show and BBC Radio Leeds and I.T.V News.

In 2016 I started to teach a small Over 60s ukulele group in my local village. Since then the group has grown in so many members that 15% of the population of the village own and play a ukulele!

Meet Leonard, he is my oldest student aged 92!

Anyone can enjoy learning to play the ukulele, no matter how old, young or inexperienced you are!