Mini Amps, are a great fun way of giving your ukulele a little extra volume. Most of these amps clip on the side of your belt and are powered by a small battery.

Remember you will need an electro-acoustic ukulele (a ukulele fitted with a lead input) Or you can buy ukulele pick-up, this is a tiny microphone that slots into any ukulele! See my Ukulele Pickup page for more info.

“Don’t forget to buy a jack lead!”
£24.99 Mini Guitar Amp by Gear4music, Black

£24.99 SubZero Micro Electric Guitar Amp, Vintage Cream

£49.00 Fender Mini 57 Twin Amp

£26.00 Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp, Black

£25.00 Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp, Red

£24.50 Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp, Classic

£25.00 Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp Limited Edition, Gold

£24.99 SubZero Micro Ukulele Amp, Vintage Green